Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

Cub replacement parts are high quality components. They are made to Cubs outstanding engineering standards. Our printheads and all replacement parts are reliable and typically half the price of other manufactures equivalent components.

Cub Brand Printheads

Cub brand replacement printheads:
203dpi, 300dpi

Cub Printer Models:
CB-424, CB-534, CB-724, CB-824, CB-1024 and CB-1034

Printhead Description:

Cub print heads offer high performance and durability at a lower cost. Our print head technology achieves higher print quality and longer term durability when compared to other comparable manufacturers print heads. Cub’s Industrial line of printers feature a unique interchangeable print head configuration which allows you to switch from 203 dpi, 300 and 600 dpi print heads without changing printers. Changing printheads is easy on Cub Printers and can be completed with little technical experience.

A thermal print head is a line of resistors, whose output is a line of precisely controlled dots of heat. These dots produce images in conjunction with heat-sensitive paper or ribbons. The most common applications of thermal printing are barcoded labels for UPC, Warehouse or Shipping applications. Thermal printheads are more durable than ink jet prints and better quality than impact prints. Cub Thermal printheads allow the printer to print at speeds of up to 12 inches per second.