Barcode Label Printers

Purchase the most durable printers in the industry (at half the cost), with a total 2 year Warranty. The first year is on-site anywhere in the USA and Canada, Plus one Free on-site Preventative Maintenance visit.

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Cub CB-1024

The Cub CB-1024 offers more standard features, performance and value than any other printer on the market today. The CB-1024 features like internal Ethernet or label peel and present with internal liner take-up?

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Scanners, Printheads, Accessories

Cub offers barcode scanners, scanner stands, replacement thermal printheads, label rewinders, label dispensers, label unwinders, keyboard display units, 10/100 network interface cards.

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Cub printers are used worldwide by manufacturers, government agencies, retail, education and the service industry. Cub offers a range of printers that meet every thermal labeling and tag application. Our clients have rated our printers higher in value for reliability, durability and overall features than most other manufactures.